Arabic for Beginners. Part 1

About the course

The Arabic for beginners course is designed for everyone who wants to learn the Arabic language.

During the course students will get acquainted with the Arabic alphabet. Experienced teachers will introduce you to the peculiarities of the spelling and pronunciation of each letter. The explanation is accompanied by a large number of examples, which include this or that letter.

The illustrations that accompany each word will help you remember new words. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the basics of graphics and pronunciation, the course provides basic grammar material. Students will be able to get information on how to determine the gender of a word, its state, build the simplest phrases and sentences, as well as ask and answer the simplest questions.

After completing the alphabet training, the acquired skills are improved and consolidated on the basis of the simplest dialogues and texts. The course consists of 5 modules, each of which includes video lectures and exercises to test the acquired skills, as well as vocabulary used in the module. When developing the course, many years of experience in teaching Arabic at the Department of Arabic Philology of St. Petersburg State University were taken into account.


  1. Graphics and Phonetics. Letters اب ت ث ي و ن ء م ل . Signs for Short Vowels.
  2. Graphics and Phonetics. Letters ش س ص ض ط ظ ه خ ح ج ذ د ز ر. Signs. Gender. Article. Pronouns. Words and phrases.
  3. Graphics and Phonetics. Letters ك ق ف ع غ. Dialogue.
  4. Phrases and Sentences. «In the House».
  5. Phrases and Sentences. «The city».
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Course's authors:

  • Olga Bernikova
    Candidate of philological sciences, Department of Arabic Philology

  • Oleg Redkin
    Candidate of philological sciences, Department of Arabic Philology
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