Business Russian Communication. Part 2

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Russian is considered to be one of the most difficult languages in the world, and many learners struggle to master its grammar and pronunciation. This course is aimed at those who wants to work in Russia, do business with Russian partners or study on business-related majors in Russian.

In three units of this intensive course learners are going to find out how to maintain phone conversation with Russian partners and what speech clichés can be used, hope to pan and arrange an appointment and how to discuss business-related topics over email. The course is the second part of Business Russian Communication series offered by St Petersburg State University. This part introduces such grammar topics as revision of Reflexive verbs, conjugation of verbs мочь/смочь, отправлять/отправить, получать/получить and many others, the use of paired prefixes with verbs of motion, the use of numerals in time and date expressions. Learners can practice their skills and test themselves in Grammar quiz section. The course provides extensive vocabulary with more than 200 new words and conversational phrases which learners can use in their everyday communication on professional or informal topics. Each unit of the course contains dialogues, which are extremely useful for those who wants to listen to original Russian speech and get used to the pace and intonations of Russian language. Scripts, audio and exercises are provided for all dialogues of the course. In the end of the course learners will have a chance to use the material leant and assess their progress while preparing the Final Assignment. This course is aimed at those who already achieved A2 — A2+ level in Russian.


  1. Arranging a Meeting: Phone Conversations.
  2. Making Plans.
  3. E-mail Correspondence.
  4. Final Assignment.


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Course's authors:

  • Lyudmila Kotane
    Tutor of Russian as a foreign language, founder and head of the Language School Business Russian Intensive Courses, Riga, Latvia

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Business Russian Communication
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