Chinese in 5 Steps

Are you ready to learn the language of the future? Unlock a world of opportunity with the programme «Chinese in 5 steps». Our comprehensive programme, compiled by leading Chinese experts, step by step will help you to master pronunciation, discover new words and phrases, and stay motivated as you progress from scratch to level A2-B1. Learn Chinese today — it’s never been easier!

You’ll get the most out of your learning experience, with our comprehensive lessons and interactive exercises.

Who is this programme for?

The programme will be useful to a wide range of listeners. Especially, if you want to:

  • work in international companies or do business with China,
  • travel China and understand the locals,
  • understand Chinese culture,
  • learn a new language, completely different from any other language in the world,
  • structure and strengthen the existing basic knowledge of the Chinese language and grammar,
  • correct the pronunciation.

Learning Chinese has many benefits for career, travel and personal development. No matter what your goals are, learning Chinese can give you many opportunities.


What kind of learning materials are presented in the programme?

The programme consists of 6 courses, or 46 modules.

It starts with a detailed phonetic course. In this course, learners are going to get acquainted with the phonetic system of the Chinese language, and master the pronunciation of all.

In the next five courses you will find:

  • vocabulary and character writing, including the order of strokes,
  • grammar with detailed explanations and examples,
  • examples of conversational phrases,
  • animated dialogues which demonstrate how the course material can be applied in communication,
  • various exercises that should be completed in order to revise the course material,
  • various text materials in the section «This Is Interesting», telling about the history of the language, the Chinese culture, traditions and habits of the Chinese, etc. In this section, learners can also find a large list of recommended reading for those who are interested in China.


About the Programme

0. Chinese in 5 Steps: Getting Started with Pronunciation
1. Chinese in 5 Steps: Step 1


Week 1. Lesson 1. Part 1. Basic Elements of Communication

Week 2. Lesson 1. Part 2. Basic Elements of Communication

Week 3. Lesson 2. Part 1. Family

Week 4. Lesson 2. Part 4. Dates

Week 5. Lesson 3. Part 1. Personal Information

Week 6. Lesson 3. Part 2. Days of Week

Week 7. Lesson 4. Part 1. Free Time. Age

Week 8. Lesson 4. Part 2. Free Time. Age


2. Chinese in 5 Steps: Step 2

Week 1. Lesson 5. Part 1. Family

Week 2. Lesson 5. Part 2. Time

Week 3. Lesson 6. Part 1. Location

Week 4. Lesson 6. Part 2. Location

Week 5. Lesson 7.  Part 1. Shopping

Week 6. Lesson 7.  Part 2. Shopping

Week 7. Lesson 8. Part 1. Transport. Currency Exchange

Week 8. Lesson 8. Part 2. Transport. Currency Exchange


3. Chinese in 5 Steps: Step 3

Week 1. Lesson 9. Part 1. Leisure

Week 2. Lesson 9. Part 2. Leisure

Week 3. Lesson 10. Part 1. Leisure. Meeting at the Airport

Week 4. Lesson 10. Part 2. Leisure. Meeting at the Airport

Week 5. Lesson 11. Part 1. Meeting. Party

Week 6. Lesson 11. Part 2. Meeting. Party

Week 7. Lesson 12. Part 1. Invitation

Week 8. Lesson 12. Part 2. Invitation


4. Chinese in 5 Steps: Step 4

Week 1. Lesson 13.1. Expressing regrets

Week 2. Lesson 13.2. Expressing regrets

Week 3. Lesson 14.1. Compliments. Congratulations

Week 4. Lesson 14.2. Compliments. Congratulations

Week 5. Lesson 15.1. Recommendations

Week 6. Lesson 15.2. Recommendations

Week 7. Lesson 16.1. Comparison

Week 8. Lesson 16.2. Comparison


6. Chinese in 5 Steps: Step 5

Week 1. Lesson 17.1. Learning Languages

Week 2. Lesson 17.2. Learning Languages

Week 3. Lesson 18.1. Traveling

Week 4. Lesson 18.2. Traveling

Week 5. Lesson 19.1. Accident

Week 6. Lesson 19.2. Accident

Week 7. Lesson 20.1. Farewell

Week 8. Lesson 20.2. Farewell


At the end of the programme «Chinese in 5 Steps» you will learn the basic vocabulary and grammar of the Chinese language at the A2-B1 level according to the international framework of foreign language proficiency.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • write about 500 basic characters and recognize them in the text;
  • understand phrases or short texts on familiar topics by ear;
  • participate in dialogues with a native speaker of the Chinese language on familiar topics without prior preparation;
  • read short texts in Chinese within the studied vocabulary range;
  • translate phrases from English into Chinese and backwards within the studied vocabulary range.

Upon completion of the programme, you will know:

  • the order of strokes in the studied characters;
  • grammar at the A2-B1 level.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to use:

  • the most common vocabulary within the framework of the A2-B1 level (about 700 words);
  • oral and written language within the studied course material;
  • the methodology of independent language studying in order to improve the writing and speaking skills.
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Course's authors:

  • Наталья Николаевна Власова
    Старший преподаватель кафедры китайской филологии (по 2021 г.)

  • Елена Николаевна Колпачкова
    Кандидат филологических наук, доцент кафедры китайской филологии

  • Лимэй Лю
    Ассистент кафедры китайской филологии
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