Emerging Multinationals and Global Strategy

About the course

The course consists of five modules.

  1. In the first module the instructor will introduce the three core subjects – international business, emerging markets, and emerging multinationals. The instructor will talk on the motives and patterns of internationalization, trace the historical background of emerging markets, and present the general view of multinational companies in the emerging market.
  2. Module 2 is based on the internationalization theories. You will learn the basics of the most established and popular concepts and frameworks which constitute the basis of the IB studies – the theories that you cannot ignore neither in your study programs nor while working on research projects or academic papers.
  3. The third module represents a more dynamic perspective of international strategy, including explanation of why and how the firms choose between export or investment strategies, what is the M&A strategy process and how can MNE avoid the risk of the deal failure, with the number of practical implications.
  4. Module 4 sheds light on the competitive advantage crossing the national borders. More specifically, you will better understand the foundations and origins of competitive advantage, its imitation and protection tactics, and the development of the sustainable advantage for international operations. An interesting example given in this module is about conversion of a disadvantage into an advantage by MNEs in the emerging market.
  5. In the last module the instructor will talk about additional but very important dimensions and contexts in which emerging MNEs operate and that may ensure these firms’ success. Namely, these are the knowledge transfer within a company and between countries, prospects and obstacles of cultural and organizational integration, and, finally, the contradictory role of emerging market governments for internationalization of home-based MNEs.

Upon completion of the course, you will gain vast and deep knowledge on the internationalization process of EMNEs through studying the most relevant theories and concepts, and analyzing and discussing the most illustrative cases of these firms’ market entry strategies and post-entry operations when developing in other (advanced and emerging) economies.

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Course's authors:

  • Andrei Panibratov
    D.Sc. in Economics, Professor of the Department of Strategic and International Management
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