Fundamentals of the Chinese Character Writing. Part 1

This course can be taken as part of a specialization «Fundamentals of the Chinese Character Writing».

About the course

The course gives a concise survey of the Chinese character-writing tradition. You’ll master the fundamentals of the Chinese writing aesthetics; learn about the main phases of the characters’ evolution and about the great calligraphers of the past. You are going to distinguish 6 types of the Chinese written symbols, become skilled in history of Chinese scripts and possibility of their modern usage. You’ll get the explanation of the 214 Chinese character radicals (the first part in Part 1 of the Course, the second — in Part 2) and can practice their writing, using the animated and static samples given in videos and on pages. Elaborate tests are going to help you regularizing the new information and filling the lacunae.
Welcome to the mysterious world of the Chinese characters! You will definitely love it!

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Course's authors:

  • Alexander Storozhuk
    Professor, head of the Department of Chinese Philology

  • Nadezhda Somkina
    Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Philology

  • Natalia Vlasova
    Senior lecturer, Department of Chinese Philology
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