General Pathophysiology

Warning: this course contains shocking materials and is not recommended for viewing to persons with weak psyche, minors and pregnant women.

About the course

The course describes subject and methods of Pathophysiology, its place within system of biomedical sciences and history. It includes General Nosology (concept of health and disease, general etiology and pathogenesis, pathological processes and states, role of causal factors, conditions, reactivity and somatotype in pathology). It gives systematic of locally and centrally driven typical pathological processes: arterial, venous and combined hyperemiae, stasis, inflammation, immunopathological processes (including allergy and autoimmune disorders) acute phase response, fever, stress, shock, etc. Course deals with functional, metabolic and informational aspects of typical pathologic processes, like disorders of signaling, reception, post – receptor translation, programming and program archiving, conflicts of programs in living systems. It contains the consequent analysis of the injury and defensive responses as regards separate cells, organs and tissues and the whole organism. The lectures based on author’s original three-volumed textbook and workshop in Pathophysiology republished in Russia many times.

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  • Леонид Павлович Чурилов
    канд. мед. наук, доцент, заведующий кафедрой патологии, действительный член Международной академии наук (здоровье и экология)
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