Constitutional Reforms in Russia

About the course

The course will both observe the specific of the Russian constitutional system in comparison to the other constitutional systems and penetrate into the key characteristics of the Russian constitution. Since adoption of the current Russian constitution of 1993 this constitutional system made a great evolution. The course will help to understand what ideas and concepts stand behind the Russian politics, both domestic and international, which principles lie in the basement of the legal framework for cultural, political and economic life of the Russian society. Foreigners and Russians see the Russian constitutional system in the «distorting mirror» of mass media; both of them need professional analysis of how the legal, governmental and economic systems are designed in Russia. The course will present this kind of analysis by a Russian scholar, familiar to contemporary development of constitutionalism in the world, who is able to present the view from inside Russia, but to position the Russian constitutional system in the a wide context of the world constitutionalism.

Course program

1. Introduction

2. Constitutional Exceptionalism: the Russian Case

3. Human Rights in Russia

4. Political System of Russia

5. Russian Constitutional Economics

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  • Сергей Александрович Белов
    кандидат юридических наук, доцент кафедры государственного и административного права
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