New courses on finance are coming out on the OpenEdu National Platform!


Would you like to increase your knowledge in financial reporting? Then sign up for the course Financial Accounting! In this course, you will focus on preparing and interpreting information in financial statements, arranged under International Financial Reporting Standards. In addition, you will discuss relevant theories and standards from IFRS and how to put them into practice. 

The course Performance Management and Decision-Making is a must-have if you need to understand budgeting and costing. It gives you the introduction to the world of financial planning, decision-making, performance evaluation, and control of corporate performance delivery.

Upon completing the course ESG Finance, you will be prepared for subsequent studies to gain a deeper understanding of the complex ESG world. You will discover the main concepts of ESG and its relations with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, explore the regulatory framework in ESG, learn to read ESG reports and much more. 

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