Quantum Computer Programming on Python with Qiskit

About the course

Welcome to the course “Programming Quantum Computers on Python with QisKit”! Enough of dry swimming, it is time to finally try and do something in the real water!

In this course we’ll learn the state of the art tools for quantum algorithms development, testing and execution. We also are going to run some of the algorithms on the real quantum computer, which I expect to be the most entertaining part.

The main goals of the course:

  • Learn QisKit — the must have library for a quantum computing engineer
  • Explore other tools from IBM Quantum Experience
  • Learn some new (and useful) algorithms
  • Have fun!


For those who believe that any theoretical knowledge is useless without practice — dive in, I’m waiting for you on the other side!

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Course's authors:

  • Sergey Sysoev
    Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, docent at the Department of System Programming
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