Russian Language A1+: Elementary to Basic

About the courses

These 4 courses are designed for those who already have some experience in learning Russian at the A1 level and want to continue their studies. In the courses learners are going to expand their vocabulary with new words and conversational phrases, learn how to use them in everyday communication with their Russian friends, classmates and colleagues.

The Grammar section covers the most important constructions that are required to reach the Basic level. Learners are going to master the use of complex sentences with various conjunctions, constructions with predicative adverbs, direct and indirect speech and many more.

The first three weeks of each course contain a broad variety of exercises on vocabulary and grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking aspects of language learning. On the last week of each course, learners have an opportunity to practise their writing and speaking skills in peer-review tasks.

Each course ends with a peer-review task, in which learners can show their fluency in speaking and writing, use the vocabulary and grammar learnt in the course to respond to the situations given. The grading criteria in peer-review assignments are designed in accordance with the criteria of the respective parts in TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language).


All the courses in Russian Language A1+:

  1. Russian Language А1+: From Elementary to Basic 1.
  2. Russian Language А1+: From Elementary to Basic 2.
  3. Russian Language А1+: From Elementary to Basic 3.
  4. Russian Language А1+: From Elementary to Basic 4.


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  • Еlena Kosareva
    PHd in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language and Methods of Teaching
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