Business Russian Communication

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Russian is considered to be one of the most difficult languages in the world, and many learners struggle to master its grammar and pronunciation. These 4 courses are aimed at those who wants to work in Russia, do business with Russian partners or study on business-related majors in Russian.

Each course contains peer-reviewed projects in which learners can use the grammar constructions and vocabulary they have learnt in order to practice their skills in self-introduction, business correspondence and presentation of companies and goods.

All courses in Business Russian Communication:

  1. Business Russian Communication. Part 1.
  2. Business Russian Communication. Part 2.
  3. Business Russian Communication. Part 3.
  4. Business Russian Communication. Part 4.
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Course's authors:

  • Lyudmila Kotane
    Tutor of Russian as a foreign language, founder and head of the Language School Business Russian Intensive Courses, Riga, Latvia
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