Startup: How to Build a Successful Business?


Startup is a newly opened company, that requires financial and resource aid for its further development. How to build a successful business model? Where one can find additional resources and investors?

This course introduces different kinds of business models and development strategies for startup projects, methods of external financial support, the concept of incorporation. Upon completion of this course, learners will be well-versed in the system of financial and efficiency indexes of the project, evaluation of project attractiveness index. As a result, learners will obtain broad understanding of the modern methods for launching a startup project, evaluation of its perspectives and risk reduction.

Course program

1. Business models and startup development.

2. Fundraising and the startup support ecosystem.

3. Business processes and startup financial metrics.

4. Incorporation of a startup and engagement with existing businesses.

5. Startup valuation.


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Course's authors:

  • Ignatiy Telekhov
    Guest lecturer

  • Victor Dostov
    Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Chairman of the Association «Electronic money»

  • Angelina Vashchuk
    Senior lecturer, Department of European Etudies

  • Sergey Smirnov
    Assistant professor, Department of Enterprise Economics and Entrepreneurship

  • Ekaterina Spiridonova
    Assistant professor, Department of Economics Research and Development

  • Victor Titov
    Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, Department of Credit Theory and Financial Management
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