Talent Management in Global Organization

About the course

This is the first part of the specialization «Global Talent Management«. In this part we will discuss talent management concept and approaches, macro talent management perspective, how leading companies manage their talent pool, and what challenges global talent management faces in our turbulent world.

The course aims to  provide  theoretical and practical aspects  of  global talent management highlighting the role of  talented employees and human capital at different levels of organizational behavior to ensure a firm’s sustainable growth,   innovative  breakthrough   and  competitive  advantage  in  global environment.  The course is intended as overview of global talent management approaches with focus on the creation and development of firm’s competitive advantage through people from strategic point of view in international business.

Nowadays every manager is talent manager as deals with people and teams despite professional/functional areas of employment. Talent management competence provides necessary conditions for effective leadership and performance results.

Course program

Module 1. Talent management: concept, approaches, and practices

Module 2. Macro talent management

Module 3. Talent management practices in leading companies

Module 4. Talent management challenges and perspectives in turbulent world

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Course's authors:
  • Fabian Froese
    Dr. oec., Ph. D., professor of HRM, Asian business and international business, University of Goettingen
  • Svelta Marinova
    Ph. D., professor of international business and marketing, Aalborg University
  • Maria Elo
    Associate professor (University of Southern Denmark), professor, BRIIB (Shanghai University), adjunct professor (Аbo Akademi University), senior research fellow (University of Turku), migration fellow (Migration Institute of Finland)
  • Laura Mac Lennan
    Professor, Ibirapuera University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Snejina Michailova
    Ph. D., professor of International Business, University of Auckland, New Zealand
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