The Development of Mobile Health Monitoring Systems

This join course created by SPbU and ETU includes 5 modules dedicated to different stages of the system development. Its modules represent several widely separated fields of biomedical engineering. We interconnect them by applying the knowledge from them all to a common task – the development of a prototype of an mHealth ECG system with built-in data-driven signal processing and analysis. Working on this task throughout the course, you will acquire a knowledge on how these branches of science, including electronics, mathematics, data science and programming are applied together in a real project. Pieces of hardware and software, as well as the data sets that we utilize in this course are the same components that we use in our work developing prototypes of devices and algorithms for our tasks in science and engineering.
The course is a joint work of St Petersburg University and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University ETU («LETI»).
Note that the goal of the course is not to provide you with fundamental knowledge on any of the topics highlighted in the modules, but to give you some useful skills on implementing them in practical tasks.

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Course's authors:

  • Evgenii Pustozerov
    Biomedical Engineering (ETU)

  • Yuliya Zhivolupova
    Assistant professor, Biomedical Engineering

  • Aleksei Anisimov
    Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
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