The Gems of Middle Eastern Literature

The course is dedicated to the history of the literary monuments of the Middle East from ancient times to the present day, as well as to the history of their appearance in Russia and the West — deciphering, translation and distribution. The lectures cover topics related to the history of writing, the history of world literature and the history of translation from the languages of the Muslim Middle East.

The material is built in chronological order: from the deciphering of the ancient Persian and ancient Turkic writings through the history of translations and publications of the literary monuments of the Middle East in the West and in Russia. A separate part of the course is devoted to Quranic literary subjects. A special module is devoted to modern Middle Eastern literature, which nowadays has a leading position in the world. The course includes interviews with leading contemporary experts in Middle Eastern literature and interpreters of the works.

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  • Аполлинария Сергеевна Аврутина
    Доктор филологических наук, доцент, профессор кафедры теории и методики преподавания языков и культуры Азии и Африки, директор Центра исследований современной Турции и российско-турецких отношений СПбГУ
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