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International Labour Law
Constitutional reforms in Russia
Protists: evolution and ecology of microbial eukaryotes
Russia and Nuclear Arms Control
Russian Political Governance and Public Policy
General Pathophysiology
Russian as a Foreign Language B1+, B2-1, B2-2. Specialisation
Computational Geometry
Competitive Programmer's Core Skills
The Introduction to Quantum Computing
The Development of Mobile Health Monitoring Systems
Mathematical Game Theory
Legal aspects of conducting business in Russia
Fundamentals of the Chinese character writing (Part 1)
Fundamentals of the Chinese character writing. Part 2
Doing Business in Russia
Contemporary Russian Literature
Physical Basics of Quantum Computing
Russian Alphabet
Russian for beginners 1. Русский язык: A1
Russian for beginners 2. Русский язык A1
Russian for beginners 3. Русский язык A1
Contemporary Russian Literature
Korean for Beginners (specialization)
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Centre of E-learning Development is the newest division of the St. Petersburg State University, the purpose of which is to provide access to knowledge for everyone. The combination of academic traditions of the St. Petersburg state University and modern educational technologies of e-learning provides quality education at a convenient time anywhere and to anyone in the world.