Arabic for Beginners

The programme was designed by leading experts in Arabic language and aims to guide you through the intricacies of Arabic script, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar on the elementary level.

The programme has the following learning objectives:

  • Introduce the Arabic alphabet and basic pronunciation.
  • Teach basic Arabic grammar rules and syntax.
  • Build a basic vocabulary of commonly-used Arabic words and phrases.
  • Develop basic reading, writing, and speaking skills in Arabic.
  • Provide cultural insights and knowledge about Arabic-speaking countries.


What kind of learning materials are presented in the programme? 

During the programme you will get acquainted with the Arabic alphabet. Lecturers will introduce you to the peculiarities of the spelling and pronunciation of each letter. The explanation is accompanied by a large number of examples.

After completing the alphabet training, the acquired skills are further improved and consolidated on the basis of the extensive vocabulary, detailed grammar explanations, simple conversational topics, short dialogues and texts.


What results will I achieve after completing the programme?

By the end of this programme, you will have developed a basic understanding of the Arabic language and will have the skills to continue your Arabic language studies at a more advanced level.

Programme Format

The programme is taught online and includes recorded lectures, tests, additional materials.


About the Programme

Course “Arabic for Beginners. Part 1

Module 1. Graphics and Phonetics.

Module 2. Gender. Article. Graphics and Phonetics. Letters.

Module 3. Diphthongs. Signs. Graphics and Phonetics. 

Module 4. Phrases and Sentences. Text and dialogue “In the House».

Module 5. Phrases and Sentences. Text and Dialogue «The city».


Course “Arabic for Beginners. Part 2

Module 1. Meeting.

Module 2. Acquaintance.

Module 3. At the Hotel.

Module 4. A Walk Around the City.

Module 5. University.


Course “Arabic for Beginners. Part 3

Module 1. At the Restaurant.

Module 2. Travel / Modes of Transport.

Module 3. Shopping.

Module 4. The Arab World.


Course “Arabic for Beginners. Part 4

Module 1. Family and Work.

Module 2. At the Doctor’s.

Module 3. National Сuisine.

Module 4. Biography.

Module 5. Travel.


Course “Arabic for Beginners. Part 5

Module 1. Sport.

Module 2. Tourism.

Module 3. Theatre.

Module 4. Museum.

Module 5. Conversation about Saint Petersburg.


Entrance Requirements

The programme does not require any additional knowledge or skills.



Upon completion of this programme you will know:

  • Arabic alphabet and basics of pronunciation;
  • vocabulary at the elementary level;
  • grammar rules and constructions at the elementary level.


Upon completion of this programme you will be able to:

  • correctly pronounce Arabic sounds, words and phrases;
  • use elementary-level vocabulary in given communicational situations;
  • use elementary-level grammar in given communicational situations.


Upon completion of this programme you will master the following skills:

  • reading and writing simple texts in Arabic;
  • understanding spoken Arabic at elementary level;
  • maintaining simple conversations on the topics covered in the course.



The certificate is issued upon completion of the graded tasks of the programme (tests).

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Course's authors:

  • Олег Иванович Редькин
    Доктор филологических наук, профессор, заведующий кафедрой арабской филологии

  • Ольга Александровна Берникова
    Кандидат филологических наук, доцент кафедры арабской филологии
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